Pet Food Bank Lakeside began as a response to the COVID pandemic to help families stay united with their pets. After our first year in operation, it became very apparent that families challenged by food poverty and at risk of losing their pets, is an ongoing situation in our lakeside community.

Losing a beloved pet because you can no longer feed them is heartbreaking. Donations allow us to provide free pet food for those in need.

Pet Food Bank Lakeside is currently feeding over 1400 dogs and cats.  It’s a lot of work but the smiles on the faces of the children are enough confirmation that we are making a difference.

We deliver the food primarily through our partnership with Foodbank Lakeside.  Foodbank Lakeside constantly monitors the despensa recipients; removing those no longer in need and adding new families that are currently requiring assistance.

Even with our bulk purchases and discounts; it still requires approximately $32,000 pesos ($1600USD) every month.  

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